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Spray Tanning Houston, TX

Signature Custom Spray Tan

  • choose from hydration tan, sweat proof, skin firming, or anti aging for $10
  • This is what I'm famous for! My Signature Custom Spray Tan, anti-orange spray tan that is 100% customizable, vegan, and non toxic.
  • + rapid. Aka rinse in 2-4 hours
  • + includes hydrating skin prep treatment
  • + includes orange proof customized color blend
  • + includes instant dry stick-proof drying powder.

Signature Sweat Proof Tan

  • Whether you are a gym babe, getting ready to jet set on a beach vacation, or sweating through the Houston heat, this is for you! The spray tan that wont sweat off! Signature Sweat Proof Tan boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off.
  • Rapid to be rinsed in 2-4 hours.

Bronzed Babes Group Rate

Call for Quote
  • Get the babes together for your upcoming wedding, shower, or just so you can spray for free!
  • Call for your own group rate.
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